The Manufacturing of the lateral file cabinets

You can read about the cabinets all over the Internet. Here you will find interesting facts about the cabinets. For example, you can read about its effects on their views on how they should be organized. In this article I want to focus on the more technical point of view. Let me tell you some basic information on how they are made of steel. So, let's start.

• Folders are steel 18 gauge special process and is committed to maintain the quality and functionality that the firm should have.
• The manufacturing process begins with the preparation of components. Steel is made at the plant in different sizes for the housing and smaller components can do. Smaller components are shelves or drawers. The steel is cut or printed on a press.
• The steel must be cut on the sides, top and bottom of the box. The panels, ribs and reinforcements are steel bending several times.
• Parts of the cabinet should also be painted. This is done by two assembly lines.
• Sometimes a wine storage cabinets is also painted by electrostatic spray gun which disperses the color powder.
• When painting is finished pieces are welded together. Welding starts at the top, bottom and sides to create the basic skeleton of the cabinet.
• To complete the cabinet a little more to add, as the compressor, the sliding mechanism and drawer pulls.
• Then, the sliding mechanism is attached. So now, the trays can be put in. The details of the handles, locks, tags are placed.
After the cabinet is assembled following is the quality control. Documents must be protected against many things such as dust, water, light or fire. The cabinets must withstand shock and rust. The cabinets will be responsible for any evidence to prove that it can take several decades. After this long process of the cabinets going to the store where companies or individuals can buy it in place.